University Admissions

Words aren’t enough to thank Mr. Navin. He has supported me throughout my entire application process and has been an outstanding mentor to me. He has been firm when I needed to pull up my socks up and understanding and supportive whenever I’ve needed him. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be mentored by such an inspiring role model and am sure the connection with Mr Navin will be one that is everlasting.

McGill University - Class of 2027 student

Throughout my high school journey, Navin has been a pillar of support and strength, continuously helping me navigate through this difficult time. Navin has not only supported me academically, but he has pushed me to be the best version of myself and has given me someone other than my family to rely on in any situation - both inside and outside the classroom. Through our many calls and WhatsApp conversations, Navin has been able to truly get through to me and see me not only as my grades but as a person. Whether this is by making me see the importance of a positive attitude or helping me have a good work-life balance. His continuous support has truly inspired me and made me realise that he was always in my corner throughout this stressful time, and he will always be there anytime I need him. I only hope in the future to be able to pass the help and impact he had on me to other students. Though he doesn’t love being continuously thanked, I owe my academic prosperity, dedication and success both in and out of the classroom to him for continuously believing in me and always being realistic but optimistic. Thank you, Navin!

Babson College - Class of 2027 student

Working with Mr. Valrani was like learning how to ride a bicycle for the first time, he would give me the freedom to move forward, nudging and stabilizing me at just the right moments to ensure I achieved my goals and had a holistic learning experience along the way. He is a treasure trove of knowledge and insights into the university application process. He helped me see the bigger picture and encouraged me to be more ambitious in my university applications. His help with the essays allowed me to refine my ideas without taking away from the originality, and his motivation after early rejections helped me stay determined throughout the process. His extensive experience with talented students and his systematic approach to connecting ‘where I am’ to ‘where I want to be’ played a pivotal role in me getting into a great university.

University of Chicago - Class of 2027 Student

I approached Navin and his team to support me with the daunting process of applying for a Masters degree and I could not recommend them enough. Their vast knowledge and expertise of the US college admissions process and support they offered was instrumental in helping me secure a place at my dream graduate school. I really value the support I received during the process of writing my personal statement. Their efforts in helping me weave together my experiences to tell a story and present myself in the best possible manner helped me formulate a great personal statement. Navin’s positive attitude, encouragement and hands-on approach made this stressful process a lot easier and I could not thank him enough. His expertise and extensive knowledge makes him the perfect counsellor and mentor for students of all ages applying to any degree.

Sotheby’s Insitute of Art - Class of 2024 Student

Navin was simply amazing. The time, effort, and commitment he gave to me as his mentee was incomparable. He made the stressful admissions process that much easier. He created a relaxed environment with just the right level of a push to help me strive to be the best I could while not overbearing or overwhelming me. He takes his time to understand the student and what is best for his student, gives personalized advice and mentoring, and guided me down a path that suited me perfectly. He played an integral role in my current success, and I could not recommend him more.

Claremont McKenna College - Class of 2026 Student

A big thank you to both Navin and Jaimie for helping me. They were able to take the anxiety out of the entire process. They were very encouraging and were always willing to provide support if I had questions or problems. Through the Arcadia Counseling system, I was able to get accepted to wonderful universities. Their efforts have not been in vain, and were very appreciated!

Received scholarship offer from University of Alberta - Class of 2026 Student

Applying to university is extremely important as such choice will determine your future, experiences and overall happiness. However, it can also be extremely stressful. For this reason, I want to thank Mr. Valrani and Ms. Jaimie as they made the process smooth, helping me feel confident and successful. Thanks to them, I was granted an acceptance in University of Bath, where I will be able to pursue my interests and eventually achieve my dream career!

Bath Spa University - Class of 2025 Student

Navin helped me through the college application process. He helped me to construct an aggressive and balanced college list, giving me valuable suggestions on which colleges I should add and remove to my list. I was also given immense guidance on my course selection along with grades and exam scores I should aim to get into my dream college. Navin also helped me decide which extracurricular activities I should focus on and suggested new endeavours for me that boosted my college application. Overall, I feel like Arcadia Education played an integral role in my acceptance to the UC Berkeley Electrical Engineering and Computer Science program.

UC Berkeley - Class of 2024 Student

Navin Valrani has been a lifeline for me. His unrelenting support during the application process was instrumental in mitigating my anxieties and allowing me to focus during my crucial high school years. While his creativity is remarkable, his commitment to my success was outstanding. If you are looking at getting to the university of your dreams, Arcadia is the best support network that you can get. Navin and the Arcadia team were always accessible, committed and understanding towards my needs.

University of Pennsylvania Jerome Fisher Program – Class of 2023 Student

Navin Valrani was amazing at helping me with my application, he was realistic about where I could get into but also had optimism and was always able to keep me in good spirits when I was feeling stressed. He considered where I would be happiest yet intellectually stimulated. Navin Valrani takes his time to get to know who he is working with, their interest, personality, and what academically is suited for them. He knew that I would not be a good fit for schools that were highly competitive and instead I suited schools that had a more collaborative culture and he was so right. Unlike other counselors, Navin looks at students as people rather than scores and grades, working with him is inspiring. When you work with him, he dedicates himself fully to his students to the point, he makes time to be available not just for applications but for overall support throughout the process. Navin knows the culture at different universities and when creating a list of schools to apply to he is very methodical and works with students, and doesn't force his opinion, it's a collaborative process. He knows how to match students with schools they'll be happy at, which is truly important. I owe a lot of my success to Navin.

Tufts University – Class of 2021 Student
Imperial College – Class of 2022 Student

As I neared the end of high school in Dubai five years ago, I brimmed with ambition for college but found myself hopelessly lost and without direction in the admissions process. As my counselor, Navin Valrani guided me through each step of my college applications, offering sharp clarity to seemingly opaque questions about my “fit” with the colleges I applied to. Navin helped me weave my years of schooling together into a well-rounded candidate profile that foregrounded my past experiences and research questions and looked beyond just test scores. With a keen eye for detail, Navin also focused extensively on my prose in my application essays and helped me convey my ideas in a succinct but compelling manner. Navin’s unflagging support throughout and even after the application process gave me the confidence I needed, and with his help, I was able to land an acceptance at my dream school. The students that Navin advises at Arcadia Education are, without doubt, in the best possible position to face the rigors of college admissions and gain acceptance at the best schools in the world.

Georgetown University - Class of 2021 Student
University of Michigan/Ann Arbor - Class of 2024 Student

I attribute my admission to the University of Pennsylvania to Navin's counseling services. After identifying a class of schools I wanted to attend (top tier Ivy Leagues) during the beginning of my high school career, Navin guided me through every single aspect that was relevant to college admissions. This included assisting with course selection throughout high school, suggesting out-of-the-box extracurricular activity ideas, brainstorming internship opportunities, narrowing down college choices, and critiquing essays. His disciplined, rational approach to the process coupled with his creative spark of ideas enabled me to pursue my studies at the school of my dreams.

University of Pennsylvania - Class of 2020 Student
Wharton School of Business – Class of 2024 Student