Careers Week

Arcadia High School's Careers Week offers an exceptional opportunity for students in Years 8-10 to explore career paths and gain insightful knowledge about today's industries. Throughout the week, students will visit well-known companies and learn from industry experts, providing them with an immersive experience to enhance their career awareness. This program allows students to develop a deeper understanding of their interests and goals, and make well-informed decisions about their future career paths. In the 2022-23 academic year, our students visited Joe & the Juice, Mall of the Emirates, Mastercard, Borders, and HSBC. During these visits, our students had the privilege of engaging in talks with leadership teams from each company to gain a comprehensive understanding of their day-to-day operations.

I can confidently say that it was a life-changing experience for my daughter. The learning from this trip was truly engaging and enjoyable. The trip was well-organized, planned and relevant to this time. The skills and experiences were shared by the industry experts, which gave them an insight into real-world problems. What I appreciated the most is that the trip was the emphasis on practical application. Not only did the kids gain theoretical knowledge, but they also had ample opportunities to apply what they learned in real-world scenarios. They also enjoyed their scrumptious lunch every day during the trip and had a memorable time at Ski Dubai @MOE. Also got books from Borders as their souvenir. Lots of thanks for organizing such trips and looking forward to more of these.

Year 9 Parent

I want to thank you and Mr Valrani for this. It was a good experience for my son. He talked a little about each, and he found some interesting aspects. The one that he enjoyed the most was Borders. In general, it was such a great initiative and a good way to keep them busy with a purpose for a few hours every day. My suggestion would be to take them next time to hands-on experiences. Another suggestion would be to visit a hospital, a dentist, lawyers, vets, construction companies, radio and tv stations, newspapers, a meteorology centre, well the list could go on and on, the point is to bring them into more and more real-life experiences. Thank you again to all who made this possible.

Year 9 Parent

A very good initiative by Arcadia school and Mr Navin Valrani. A great opportunity for the children to learn and gain knowledge outside of the classroom. The companies they visited are par excellence and we are grateful to the school for giving our child this special opportunity. Thank you, Arcadia.

Year 8 Parent

Thank you for giving my daughter the opportunity to be a part of Careers week. It was such an amazing experience for them, where they had the opportunity to explore the different business opportunities and fields of business. She has learnt a lot and has had the time to reflect on all that she has learnt. Please continue with these career weeks, as they were well received and enjoyed. Thank you!

Year 10 Parent

Lifetime memories for these kids..... You are developing endless love around you, which is just priceless..... Lovely Ms Mohan. You rock!

Mr & Mrs Ahmed Parents of Year 6 student

Thank you for this week. Such a fantastic initiative. And makes a change from the likes of Gems who only do things if there is a revenue involved for them. Teaching children life and business skills. Kieran’s step brother (Lincoln) is so excited to join Arcadia due to your Junior MBA program. He would have loved this week. Thank you so much. I don’t get down to the school much as always working. But a great initiative and I was impressed that Arcadia organized. Thank you.

Mr & Mrs Vizela Parents of Year 6 student

I was telling work Colleagues about this experience (I work in Education Management- we partner with different schools around the world ) and they were blown away by it!! Truly an amazing experience and so fantastic for the kids. Arcadia rocks!

Mr & Mrs Rieken Parents of Year 6 student

Thank you for this amazing program. They are so fortunate for living this great experience !! Jimena is so excited since the first day, for her it’s is being unforgettable experience. Every place, every detail, every activity. Thank you Mr Valrani to give them more motivation , more curiosity and more different views to our kids. Great!!!

Mr & Mrs Lopez Parents of Year 7 student

Amazing opportunity for exposure with real life operations. Many thanks.

Mr & Mrs Ayoub Parents of Year 6 student

Definitely an amazing experience for our children that for sure it will last for long. Thanks Navin for making this possible. Thanks Geeta for keeping us updated. And than thank you Arcadia for all the support for our children.

Mr & Mrs Esquivel Parents of Year 7 student

A massive thank you to CEO and his team , great experience for the kids at this age.

Mr & Mrs Yadav Parents of Year 7 student

A big thank you to Mr Valrani and team for giving the kids an out of this world experience. Never heard or experienced this in any other school.Arcadia Rocks!

Mr & Mrs Uella Parents of Year 6 student

It was great opportunity for the kids to visit all these amazing places and meet these successful people. Thanks Mr. Valrani. Thanks Arcadia. So proud.

Mr & Mrs Sawalha Parents of Year 7 student

All week full of expectations. Every day a new experience was coming. An amazing team holding our kids. Different places, different work teams, different activities and different emotions. All of this can define all this week, and for sure will be unforgettable for them. But, most important thing that they will bring forever, are all the Memories that they have been living every day together. Thank you Mr Valrani, Thank you Geeta, Thank you Pamela and Thank you all the assistants.

Mr & Mrs Lopez Parents of Year 7 student