Determining The Right Fit

The match matters! Determining the right fit or suitability is crucial. Students in their quest to find the perfect university (an untruth) are likely to falter without proper guidance as choosing a university is harder now than ever before, and most students have far too many options to pick from, placing them in a quandary. Importantly, identifying fit is about exploring who you are and what you hope to achieve in terms of your academic goals in an environment where students can be happy. Your target schools, interests and personality are central to the pairing process. Unfortunately, even though students remain spoilt for choices, acceptance rates at prominent universities continue to decline. Also, it is increasingly common for students to transfer universities because the first institution they chose was simply the wrong fit. It is no surprise that the burden of selecting a university is more challenging than ever. Fortunately, with expert help, your child's university decision can be a simple, thoughtful, and rewarding process as we help them narrow down the possibilities into a manageable list.

As your students embark on what will likely be one of the most important journeys in their life, soon after high school, they must be sure they find the university that is the best fit for them; where students may fulfil their potential major(s) and ones that they could potentially attend. It is easier said than done. So, for this reason, it is never too early to start thinking about where your high school senior would like to go to university.

The university-bound must understand that their high school grades, the rigour of the school curriculum, and standardised test scores largely dictate the caliber of schools they consider, so preparation for the university process begins well before the senior year. It is crucial to achieve top grades in the most challenging courses that students pick, as universities do like to see the rigour of their curriculum. Also, it is critical to have a head start to take steps early.

Although a student's role in the university application process begins with their academic preparation, a crucial step is to develop a list of target schools. Students must start by conducting a thorough university search. Then narrowing down their list according to what they do and do not want in a university. It is not only about the majors offered, but they also have to factor in the general vibe of a particular university, the clubs and other co-curricular activities, it's student population, location, and the fee structure.

Here are steps we take to find universities where our student will thrive.

  • We work one-to-one, through multiple stages with our students to identify their academic and personal interests as well as personality traits to help them choose a university that is the best fit for them and one, they are likely to attend and succeed.
  • Conduct assessments, personality tests, questionnaires, identify defining qualities, university values sorting exercises, to determine what is essential for each student, where they would want to be, decipher their dreams and aspirations, and then facilitate a match.
  • Determine their strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and what kind of learning community they want to be a part of.
  • Important criteria we look for to determine the right university – academic preparation, internship opportunities, career options, student life.
  • We evaluate universities together and consider the following factors as we research schools to determine fit: size, location, academic majors, classes, student culture, campus vibe, fee structure, clubs and organizations, job placement statistics.
  • Keeping rankings in check – we live in a brand-conscious society, so looking beyond university rankings remains vital. A student may be a fit for an elite, selective, or ivy school; but, if the said school does not meet a student's financial needs, it is probably not the right choice.