Test Preparations

Our university guidance advisors have the expertise to help students navigate standardised testing or entry requirements. The myriad questions that surround the university entrance exams can be puzzling, and students find themselves facing multiple choices: the SAT or the ACT, or both? Will the AP/IB exams suffice? What's essential – to do the writing section or not? What does it mean when a university announces they are test-optional or test-flexible? How much will test prep help? Which is the best test prep? Where and when to sign up for those tests? How many times should one take the test? These are essential questions to think about and stressing about the university entrance exam is not uncommon amongst students and their families.

  • Our experts will steer students in the right direction using a strategic approach.
  • Which tests, what kinds of Test Prep are available and when to sit these exams are questions, we will address as we educate our high schoolers on the ins and outs of standardised testing.
  • Guiding students through the exam preparation process is part of our overall approach to the admissions process.
  • Outlining a detailed plan and calendar to track a student’s progress is a crucial step in setting our students up for success.