Personal Statement Support

The personal statement on a university application form is critical. While most components of the university application are straightforward, the personal statement is viewed as one of the most challenging aspects of the university application process for Year 13 students.

Arcadia students are covered!

  • Our team collaborates to mitigate students’ anxieties as they work through the process.
  • We coach students to treat this part of the process as a privilege – it is a component that they have complete control of by the time they are a Year 13 student.
  • Our creative thinking counsellors use their data-driven insights to guide our students on what universities look for in applicants. Universities are interested in what makes you unique, how well you express yourself in writing and whether you will be interesting enough to invite on campus to be a part of their community. Our counsellors and teachers are heavily invested in every Arcadia student’s success with our invaluable support and one-to-one guidance.
  • We help elevate students’ reading, writing, and critical thinking skills and provide strategic and supportive assistance with personal statements that speak to each student’s character, strengths, and talents.
  • Arcadians, with our support, will write personal statements that reflect their goals, achievements, passions, and what truly makes them outstanding.
  • We offer an honest critique of each draft at every stage of the writing process, setting the stage for immaculate, final personal statements.
  • We help them brainstorm suitable topics for their personal statements and guide students through drafting and editing. In addition, we come up with creative ways to help them express their unique attributes.
  • We empower them with tools and skillsets to develop beyond the grades on a school transcript.
  • We offer them the best chances to shine on the personal statement as we always come back to guide them through the same idea: what makes you unique?