Personal Statement Support

Everyone knows how critical the personal statement can be! While most components of the university application are straightforward, the admissions essay is, at first, viewed as one of the most daunting aspects of the process for the high school senior. Students often stress:

How do I go about writing an earth-shattering personal statement? What can I write about that will floor the admissions reviewers? What will tip the scales in my favour? The conventional wisdom is (to add to the stress), they even move a candidate from the ‘maybe’ pile to the ‘yes’ pile. Essays ARE critical; as they will accompany a student’s application and be used to evaluate him or her throughout the process. While the quantitative or ‘hard’ factors – GPA and standardized scores - speak for themselves, it is the essay – the qualitative or the ‘soft’ factors - that will help get across aspects of a student’s personality and give the admissions reviewers a chance to hear an applicant’s voice.

It is no surprise, then, the subject is riddled with worry and anxiety as applicants feel that the personal statement or essay may fail to shed a flattering light on their abilities to gain acceptance into their ideal university or university. Students tasked with inherently challenging essays to write, often do not know where or how to begin; how to manage their time and what to write about.

We have our students covered!

  • Our experts collaborate to mitigate students’ anxiety and the pressure teens may feel as they work through the process.
  • We mentor students to treat this part of the component as a privilege – the only portion they have complete control of by the time they are a high school senior.
  • Our creative thinking mentors use their data-driven insights to guide Arcadia students on what universities look for in an applicant. Universities are interested in what makes you unique, how well you express yourself in writing and whether you will be interesting enough to invite on campus, to be a part of their community. With our invaluable support and one-to-one guidance, our admissions advisors are heavily invested in the Arcadia student’s success. We will not only help elevate students’ reading, writing, and critical thinking skills but will also provide strategic and supportive assistance with personal statements that speak to each one’s characters, strengths and talents.
  • Students with our expert assistance will write essays that reflect their goals, achievements, passions, and what makes them outstanding.
  • We offer an honest critique of each draft at every stage of the writing process which sets the stage for immaculate, final essays.
  • We help them brainstorm the right topics for their personal statements and guide students through drafting and editing. We come up with creative ways to help them express their unique attributes.
  • We empower them with tools and skillsets to develop beyond the numbers on a standardised test scoresheet or grades on a high school transcript.
  • We offer them the best chances to shine on the personal statement as we always come back to guide them through the same idea: what makes each of you unique?