Career Aspirations

At Arcadia, we address individual needs and guidance as students transition throughout the school. Our Pathways Programme connects students’ interests and aspirations to exploratory opportunities and extends beyond academics. Our initiatives equip students with knowledge of post-secondary options and help carve career aspirations. The opportunities for students include internships, Careers Week and university visits.

What is Careers Week?

Careers Week is an exciting experience designed to expose our students to the real-world aspects of various professions. Throughout the week, students will visit five different companies and be immersed in the day-to-day roles and responsibilities of key individuals within the company, gaining valuable insights into different career paths.

Our most recent Careers Week included visits to Joe & the Juice, Mastercard, Borders, HSBC and Mall of the Emirates. Our students had the opportunity to explore roles in Private Banking, Marketing, the Food Sector and experienced firsthand how the work environment will change through the impact of AI and upcoming technologies.

Throughout Careers Week, students are encouraged to take notes, ask questions, and engage actively with the professionals they meet. This active involvement enhances their learning and enables them to extract maximum value from each visit. This hands-on experience helps our students make informed decisions about their academic pursuits and future career paths.