Our Vision

To empower Arcadia students and ignite action towards their future calling.

Through guided development of self-awareness, exploration of interests and generating curiosity, we intend to simplify the university admissions process for our students and families.

Arcadia envisions itself to become a UCAS registered centre which means our school will have unique access to the students’ UCAS applications during the process itself. We will also have the added advantage of UCAS’s suite of tools to help manage our UK – bound, students’ applications. Direct access to information on current trends and university admissions advice will strengthen our support further, offering the Arcadia student an edge.

Importantly, we use the Unifrog platform to facilitate our students’ adaptability to a rapidly-changing higher education and jobs landscape. We will also grant our students access to specific tools enabling them to make smarter, more informed decisions about their futures. Eventually, we hope to build bridges with universities across the world so that our students’ achievements can reach them first-hand.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide knowledge, mentorship, and strategic support to students and families as they navigate the challenges in meeting their postsecondary aspirations.

Arcadians will be guided in self-assessment of values, goals, career and major(s) explorations, ideal learning environments, lifestyle choices, and extracurricular interests to discover ‘best fit’ postsecondary aspirations where they will thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

We will employ multiple programmes to assist students in building their candidacy to achieve success in school and beyond. These include mentorship and job shadow programmes from Year 7 upwards allowing for experiential learning as well as alleviating parents’ stress in having to search appropriate work experiences for their students.