Showcasing Skills and Achievements

Each student’s resume is crucial in today’s competitive job market and for the university admissions process. To help our students effectively present their accomplishments and skills, we offer comprehensive guidance on resume building.

Why is Resume Building Important?

A resume serves as a vital tool for college applications, internships, scholarships, and future job opportunities. A well-crafted resume highlights a student's unique qualifications and accomplishments, making a strong impression on potential employers and college admissions officers. We encourage our students to continuously update their resumes throughout high school to ease the process when applying for universities

We also provide our students with key opportunities that can be added to their resume such as internships, interschool competitions and clubs.

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What are the Key Elements of an Effective Resume?

  • Contact Information
  • Educational Background
  • Work Experience
  • Skills
  • Achievements and Extracurricular Activities

We will support our students in developing each of these areas to create strong individual resumes that can be used throughout their future journeys