The Programme

Arcadia takes the lead in prioritising career guidance

One cannot stress enough the importance of career guidance and advice for the middle and high school student, and we are all waking up to how far we need to move the needle here. Students remain unaware that they need to be thinking about career options sooner than later. At Arcadia, our educators and mentors take the lead in mentoring students to start thinking about where their deep interests lie and prepare them for career-related experiences. The earlier students consider their career aspirations, the happier they would be with their career choices in the long term. Career guidance is a developmental process, and we aim to facilitate our students’ acquisition of knowledge, attitudes, and attributes to help them better understand themselves. We will guide them through the exploration of viable education and career options that will eventually result in making informed decisions, and we aim to stitch that into the very core of the Arcadia student’s experience, to make them future-ready.